May 28, 2024
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The 6 Best Men’s Perfumes That Women Love

best men's perfumes

Perfumes are a part of our identities – that everyone has. Perfumes can make you remember a moment, a time, or even a person, so it’s very important to choose those perfumes which smell good and can make people remember you.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the 6 best men’s perfumes that can make women go crazy,which are loved by men as well.

I’ll be including affordable as well as designer and niche fragrances in this article.

Here are the 6 best men’s fragrances you can get your hands on:

1. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

best men's perfumes
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This perfume is the best example to start my recommendation with. This fragrance was gifted to me by my boyfriend as a sample, i.e. of 8ml, and oh my gosh! I was blown away with the sexy fragrance.

I was new to fragrance then, and this perfume still stays on top of my list in the men’s category. I have the sample and whenever I miss my man, I sniff this fragrance. Trust me, this is too good.

This fragrance has notes of cardamom, leather, jasmine sambac, amber, moss and patchouli. The cardamom brings out the spicyness in this fragrance and the leather here is very well blended and sexy.

Not overwhelming, but very smooth and sexy. I get a slight smokiness from the leather and a little bit of sharpness from the jasmine sambac with cardamom.

My boyfriend wore this perfume when we were going for a date and I was completely hypnotised by this scent, the scent trail is sexy as well.

This perfume is not an everyday scent, but for special occassions as it is potent and strong. This is a niche fragrance and is on the costlier side. If you want to purchase, first do the sampling with 10ml or 8ml bottles.

Also, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, because choice differs from person to person.

To me, this fragrance is sexy, bold, mature and masculine – disclaimer: not to be worn by a boy, but only to be worn by a man.

This fragrance alone itself a personality, and to pull this off, you have to have a personality that is put together and mature and masculine.

2. Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum

men's perfumes
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Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum by Burberry is a very sexy scent. It’s warm and spicy and woody along with a lot of freshness.

This fragrance is a crowd pleaser and for someone who wants to have a signature perfume.

This, again, is a fragrance that can only be pulled off by a man, and not a boy, as this fragrance screams masculine energy.

In the initial spray, I get cardamom, mind and grapefruit, which gives it spicyness and frshness at the same time. The opening is green, but in a very sexy way.

It then quickly settles down to delicate woodyness with the notes of lavender blended with nutmeg and cedar.

Then comes the base notes, which are the long lasting notes of a perfume- I get a lot of cinnamon which is blended in a very smooth way with the other notes of patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, amber and sandalwood.

The cinnamon is not heavy though. This fragrance is a stunner and a perfect example of sicyness done right in a perfume.

This can be worn all year round, it’s a versatile scent.

The projection is amazing and the lasting power is good as well.

Here are some of the topics that might be of any interest to you:

3. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

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This fragrance right here is a really famous scent, which is known to be an affordable dupe of the very famous Creed Aventus, which is very expensive.

People say it as a more elevated and masculine scent as compared to Creed Aventus.

This is a citrusy, leathery, and a woody fresh scent, which is really strong.

I came across this scent when my boyfriend wore it, although the one he wore was Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man deodrant, but I can’t resist myself from hugging him as this smells so freaking good!!!

Then I bought a body mist and a perfume of it for my brother and he absolutely loves it.

My father always applies this scent, which I bought for my brother, and whenever he sprays, he bathes in it. I can smell the fragrance from across the room.

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The fragrance opens with a blast of bergamot, lemon and blackcurrant – as my nose pics up, which is really strong, all because of the fresh notes in it.

It then settles into something tangy, just a bit tangy with a bit of leather. I get spices too – cardamom maybe, and just a little bit of jasmine, which elevates the scent profile.

As the scent settles, it becomes more exotic, the smell changes and this becomes the very sexy scent you can wear all year round. Again, not a signature scent, but as a statement maker.

Whenever you enter a room with this perfume on, people, specially ladies be trippin’ at you.

The most long lasting notes are musk, patchouli, ambergris and a little bit of vanilla, making this perfume project well and last long.

This is a beast mode perfume, with a huge projection. Anyone can be fooled by the fragrance as it smells high end.

The sexy masculine scent every guy should own in their collection. Grab this one if you are on a budget and want to smell expensive.

Aslo, a bonus tip: Read this article to prepare your skin for making the scent last long.

4. Dior Sauvage Elixir

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To be honest, I haven’t smelt the original Dior Sauvage, but being the viral fragrance, this has become the most common fragrances among people.

So, if you are someone who has smelt Dior Sauvage and love it, but at the same time don’t want to buy it just because everyone around you smells the same, you can try out one of the best flankers of Dior Sauvage, i.e. Dior Sauvage Elixir.

This scent has the DNA of the original Sauvage, elevated with a bit of sweetness, which really stands out.

Men as well as women love this perfume. I bought a sample of 10ml for my brother and he goes nuts for this fragrance. It’s his go-to fragrance, which means this can easily be your signature scent.

The scent is fresh yet sweet in some aspects. but not sickening sweet.

This fragrance opens with a spicy note of cardamom, cinnamon and grapefruit, making it freah as well.

Gradually it settles down into the smell of lavender, and it’s way better than the initial spritz. It becomes soft rather than being straight up in the face.

Then the drydown is long lasting with notes of patchouli, vetiver, amber and sandalwood. Smells really really good.

Longevity and projection is amazing as well. A 10/10 fragrance.

5. Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir For Him Eau De Parfum

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This scent right here is an amazing summer scent. It’s a clean, musky scent with woody notes.

This scent is not as complex as the above perfumes, but definately a mass appealing fragrance that when you apply it on, you’re gonna get a lot of complements.

I get the clean musk, vetiver, cedar and a bit of amber.

There is something in this perfume that gives it a luxurious shampoo/shower gel vibe. This smells like a man who did his shampoo with the most luxurious brand and just came out of the shower – so fresh and clean, just love it.

This to me is a magic potion, simple yet so sexy. This can be your signature scent as well.

Sillage and longevity is great as well.

6. Prada L’Homme

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This fragrance is a floral and woody scent, with masculine touch in it. Prada L’homme is a very unique scent to me.

This perfume opens with a burst of syrupyness, just because of the heavy iris note in it. It is spicy in the opening with notes of cardamom and black pepper. But don’t be overwhelmed by it, wait for the drydown.

The drydown is powdery and smooth mix of florals – iris, geranium, and violet. It becomes so soft and pleasing, you’ll want to sniff more.

The drydown becomes more powdery with time with the blend of notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and cedar, making it last long and project well.

This is a beast mode fragrance and lasts for hours.

Whenever my brother wore this perfume, everyone around him complements him and he absolutely loves this perfume.

But first, sample it – as because not everyone can love wearing this scent.


I can recommend a fragrance, but first try it, sample it out. Try it on your skin and wear it. In that way, you’ll know which fragrance is best with your skin chemistry as different fragrances smell different from person to person.

Everyone has different taste and may prefer some perfume over the other – which totally depends on your taste. So, it’s best to not go for the full size bottle if you are blind buying.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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