May 29, 2024
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5 Affordable Fragrances that Smells Expensive

Smells expensive

Fragrance adds a vibe to our presence, we can make a statement when we wear perfumes. This also depends on the types of perfumes we wear.

Fragrances that smells expensive are of top tier. People love the smell of expensive perfumes and that’s obvious because they spend a lot of money for the fragrance that performs well and smells good too.

But the majority population is in search of perfumes/body mists that smells and performs like high-end perfumes.

Not everyone can spend money just to buy a 30ml bottle that costs $80-$100.

For this reason, there are a lot of brands that are formulating fragrances that smells similar to high end perfumes, but at an affordable rate.

Not only this, without duping too, they have made many masterpieces that are worth buying.

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Here are some of the fragrances- perfumes and body mists that smell so good and feels expensive.

1. Renee Bloom

Guyssssss, listen to me, have you heard about the popular perfume Carolina Herrera Good Girl? The perfume in the heel bottle? Yes, Renee Bloom has done so well in duping the designer fragrance which mimics the same notes and smells almost the same.

Renee bloom opens with the almond note, a little bit sweet, sensual and exotic, settled down with a little bit of spicyness and florals that smells fresh at the same time.

After 2-3 hours, it then dried down with the creaminess that is so alluring and sensual with the notes of vanilla, cacao and tonka bean.

The longevity is super amazing, lasts on skin for 8 hours with a strong projection.

If you want a perfume that is in your budget, is affordable and smells good, go for Renee Bloom.

This is a powerful confidence booster.

2. Armaf Club De Nuit Woman

Armaf Club De Nuit Women is a popular fragrance from the house of Armaf, that dupes some of the niche and designer perfumes in the market, but at an affordable price.

This scent is a dupe of the most famous fragrance from Chanel, that is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

This fragrance starts with an opening of fresh and citrusy juice, from the grapefruit, orange and bergamot. Slowly the middle notes start to appear, the rose and jasmine with a bit of litchi, that is done so well that it looks modern and classy to wear.

The base notes starts to appear after 2-3 hours of use, you get the patchouli that is done in a good way, not in a screechy way. Also, the vanilla makes the scent smooth and long lasting with the vetiver and musk.

The lasting power is amazing and sillage is excellent. Try this out if you love fresh fragrances.

If you want perfumes that are luxurious and sexy at the same time, click here.

3. Plum Body Lovin’ Hawaiin Rumba

Hawaiin Rumba from Plum Body lovin’ is a tropical beachy fragrance. This fragrance opens with a burst of pear, mandarin and litchi, making it fresh. The middle notes are floral which consists of soft and delicate gardenia, freesia, again giving it freshness and magnolia, which makes a perfume super attractive.

This scent lasts 10+ hours due to the base notes being white musk, vanilla- giving it a little bit sweetness, and amber, making it sensual for everyday wear.

This fragrance is recomended for hot weathers and is available only in India.

It smells expensive and sillage is great too. This perfume is affordable- I purchased the 20ml size at just Rs 295.

4. Zara Nude Bouquet

If you want to smell fresh yet delicate and soft, try Nude Bouquet from Zara. This fragrance is known to be a popular closest dupe of the famous Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

This scent is so alluring and attractive and pretty. At the initial spray, you get the burst of freshness with the bergamot and lotus beimg the top note. Gradually, it settles down into a soft feminine tender scent with is very alluring. The huneysucle and heliotrope brings out the softness here.

Then after hours, you get a hint of soft vanilla and sandalwood that will keep you wanting to sniff it more.

Such a pretty and delicate scent for women who wants to have a signature scent and wants to feel pretty at an affordable price.

A huge crowd pleaser and longevity on skin is 8+ hours. Sillage is great as well. Absolutely my love at first sniff.

5. Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist

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Oh my god! this fragrance smells heavenly. I’ve never smelt any vanilla scent at such an affordable price that good!

Vanilla Twist is a really playful vanilla which is soft and flirty at the same time. Has been my signature scent in the winters and my boyfriend loves it.

It’s a long lasting fragrance with huge projection. Although it is a mist, but performs like a perfume.

I can’t really describe this fragrance, but I can see wearing it on dates, intimate settings as this fragrance is warm and sweet. A 10/10 fragrance.


In short, there are many perfumes that are amazing, but these are my favourites because these smells expensive, but on a budget. Definately buy according to your choice. Also, using only perfumes won,t make you smell good if you don’t follow these steps.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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