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Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist – The Perfect Summer Scent

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Sol De Janeiro is a popular fragrance and personal care brand that has grown widely in the past few years. Cheirosa 62 was one of the product that went viral.

The first product launched by the brand was the Bum Bum Cream. This cream literally smells so good, especially for tropical weathers.

Just after the launch, the brand began to gain popularity and everyone was loving the cream so much – not only because of it’s effectiveness, but also because of it’s scent. People wanted to have a variant of the cream as a fragrance.

That’s when Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Hair and Body Mist was launched.Everyone was stocking it up. It was again a popular and successful launch.

The brand is also known for it’s cute and creative packaging. Okay, enough of the history, let’s move on to the review section where I’ll explain in detail the scent and if it’s worth it.

Cheirosa 62 Hair and Body Mist – What Does It Smell Like?

Cheirosa 62
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Cheirosa 62 is a nutty, salty and sweet fragrance, with a touch of florals. This scent is generally a summer scent, a beachy scent, for vacations. But, this scent can be a versatile scent as well.

You can wear this scent in winters too, as it is sweet and a bit lactonic.

The scent opens with nutty notes, i.e- pistachio and almond. In the initial spray, it’s a bit rough for my nose as I smell alchohol too.

The pistachio is not overly sweet at first, but slowly, it develops into a sweet, but not a gourmand fragrance.

It settles down with the notes of heliotrope, but I can’t pick up the jasmine here. It’s a really unique scent, and the pistachio note with vanilla is bringing out the sexyness in the scent.

Later, it dries down into notes of caramel, vanilla and sandalwood, which is very smooth.

A little sweet, caramaly fragrance that can be used all year round no matter what.For a body mist, longevity is amazing and the sillage is strong as well.

I prefer this scent to be worn in winters as because it is sweet and caramaly. Many people prefer to wear it in extreme heat, in summers, where, also, the scent performs well.

The price till 2022 was low, but recently, the price came up.

Is Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 62 Worth It?

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Being honest, Cheirosa 62 has a dupe from Bath and Body Works, named Sunset Glow, which was released in 2022. I have both the fragrances and I adore both of them.

Cheirosa 62 is a nutty fragrance, whereas Sunset Glow is a gourmand fragrance, but both have the same vibe.

If I had to choose one above the other, I would go for Bath and Body Works Sunset Glow, as the quantity offered in the particular amount is justifiable to me.

If you’re a crazy fan of sweet fragrances, then definately check out both of the body mists.

If you want body mist as well as hair mist, then definately go for Cheirosa 62. The fragrance lasts on hair for a long time.

The fragrance smell – I haven’t smelt anything like this before. The pistachio is done in a great way. The scent is well blended.

Does Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Last Long?

Yes, being just a body mist, it performs like a perfume. It stays for upto 6-7 hours on skin, and 16 hours+ on clothes.

Not only it lasts long, but projects good as well. Everyone around you can smell the fragrance, and will be intoxicated by the scent trail.

If you prefer vanilla fragrances, check out this article – 5 Iconic Vanilla Mists to Try in 2023

How To Make Cheirosa 62 Last Long?

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In general, Cheirosa 62 lasts long and projects well. But, if you want to make it last more, apply the famous Bum Bum Cream by Sol De Janeiro, which is their signature body cream.

The scent is exactly the same as Cheirosa 62. Quickly after the shower, apply the Bum Bum Cream and then spray Cheirosa 62 mist on your hair and body.

This will not only nourish your skin, but will make you smell good with a great longevity.

Is Cheirosa 62 the best in the line?

Yes, Cheirosa 62 is the best in their fragrance line. It’s a huge crowd pleasing scent and is versatile, which adds to the best in the line.

Although, people might have different opinion, but this scent is gorgeous.


This blog would not be complete if you don’t know how to spray it on your hair.

Always remember, perfumes and body mists contain alchohol, which can damage your hair and make it rough and might turn your hair greyish.

This is a body mist, and so as to prevent it from damaging your hair, and also get the scent on your hair, follow these steps:

Step 1: Take a comb, it’s best if you use one of these – cushion brush, detangling brush or bristle brush.

Step 2: Take Cheirosa 62 and spray it on your comb, and wait for 2-3 seconds.

Step 3: Then brush your hair with it. This will eliminate the alchohol and will protect your hair from damaging, making your hair smell good too.

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