May 29, 2024
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Kayali VANILLA CANDY ROCK SUGAR 42 – A brand new launch!

Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar


People are going crazy over Kayali’s instagram post regarding their new perfume launch campaign – which is really pretty and aesthetic. People are guessing what the fragrance is! The fragrance is Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42. This fragrance was made by the same nose who made Silk Santal.

The campaign of the fragrance has the lilac pastel aesthetic, along with the whole bubblegum vibe going on.

In one of their instagram post on 18 April 2024, the campaign had the original Kayali Vanilla 28 bottle covered with lilac color dripping all over the bottle. This fragrance took 42 tries to reach to perfection.

Appearance of Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar

The bottle comes in the translucent bottle with matte finish, same as that of their wedding collection Silk Santal. The bottle is a very vibrant blush pink, which is really very pretty.

The fragrance is not yet launched, so get yourself ready for Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42.

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Fragrance Notes

  1. Candied Pear
  2. Sweet Violet
  3. Bubblegum
  4. White Caramel
  5. Rock Sugar
  6. Vanilla Cream

The fragrance has candied pear, sweet violet, bubblegum – yeah ofcourse! and white caramel, which is very unusual in a fragrance. It also has rock sugar along with the vanilla cream.

In my opinion, the fragrance is going to have a juicy sweet opening, which is playful and uplifting, which then slowly settles down into warm notes of white caramel, sugar as well as vanilla cream, which gives it a fluffyness along with the bubblegum going on at the background.

Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42 is definately going to be a hit as soon as it is launched. It’s going to be another Vanilla 28 kind of fragrance, more juvenile and playful overall.

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Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar Release Date

Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar is going to be released in between 20-21 April, as all of their campaigns go live 2-3 days before the launch. So, you can expect Kayali to drop this amazing fragrance by April 20 or 21.

Layering Combos for Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42

Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42 will go perfectly with Kayali Vanilla 28, as well as the Easy Bake Perfume or any other fragrances that has some sort of sweetness or fluffyness like cotton candy.


Sneha Kashyap

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