May 30, 2024
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Pure Seduction by Victoria’s Secret – 5 Things You Need to Know!

Pure Seduction


Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction is one of their classic body mist, which many people gravitate towards. It’s a really feminine fragrance with a mass appealing scent profile.

In this article, we’re going to uncover everything about Pure Seduction fragrance mist, and will also include the most FAQ’s. So let’s go ahead!

Pure Seduction – Fragrance Profile

Pure Seduction

Pure Seduction by Victoria’s Secret lies in the fruity-floral fragrance family. This fragrance is very feminine and a huge crowd pleaser.

Everyone tend to love this fragrance. Every girl/women uses Pure Seduction, and it was a hit when it came out in the market.

Pure Seduction has notes of plum, freesia and chamomile. The plum and freesia comes off really strong, and in the starting a bit synthetic to me. But after sometime, it has a very pleasant scent, that is feminine, soft and fruity.

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Fragrance Packaging

Pure Seduction comes in a plastic bottle of 250ml, with a pink background having images of red lips.

Pure Seduction Fragrance Notes

  • Freesia
  • Plum
  • Chamomile

Most FAQ’s

1. Is Pure Seduction fruity?

Yes, Pure Seduction is a fruity fragrance.

2. What smells better – Love Spell or Pure Seduction?

Pure Seduction smells better than Love Spell. Love Spell is a very synthetic plasticky-fragrance which has a really cloying smell, and most people can’t stand it.

3. Is Pure Seduction unisex?

No, Pure Seduction is a fragrance mist for women only.

4. What is Pure Seduction used for?

Pure Seduction is a fragrance mist by Victoria’s Secret and is used as a fragrance to spray all over your body and clothes.

5. Is Pure Seduction a long lasting?

Pure Seduction has decent longevity as a body mist – lasts for 4 hours.


Sneha Kashyap

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