May 29, 2024
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Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 – A Brand New Launch by Kayali

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39


People are thrilled and excited to try the new fragrance that will be launched in December 1, 2023- Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 – an amazing fragrance that is going to make yet another hit in the fragrance market.

After so many hits of Mona Kattan’s brand Kayali Fragrances, a newbie is added – Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39.

Mona Kattan made a post on instagram on November 16, 2023 of the glimpses of the new fragrance without revealing much about it. Fans went crazy over the post and are thrilled to try this out!

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Fragrance Notes

  • TOP NOTES: Sparkling Lychee, Italian Lemon, Black Currant and Red Apple
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Candied Violet, Rose Damascena and Jasmine Sambac
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Sugared Amber, Cedar and Musk

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Fragrance Description

The sparkling lychee note is very luscious, very tasty, a little bit juicy. The blackcurrant here is a little bit tart as well in the opening, completely balancing out together. Then comes the rose damascena which is a very beautiful flirty, petaly-rich rose and it’s gorgeous!

Then comes the candied violet, violet – which comes of as a very powdery, sugary sharp – but the candied violet is much sweeter.

Then comes the drydown with the sugared amber note which is very rich, warm, deep and resinous and the sandalwood, which is very creamy.

Mona Kattan’s Say about Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39

If you like fruity-floral fragrances, you’re going to love this juice. It’s a very vibrant, very fun, very playful and wearing it really makes me feel a lot of confidence and I just feel like really really pretty as well!

Mona Kattan, Founder of Kayali

Mona Kattan in her youtube channel, describes Eden Sprakling Lychee | 39 as “A mouthwatering fragrance” and “it almost kind of feels like you’re biting into that and you taste it when you spray it”.

She further added:

To me, Eden Juicy Apple is kind of like to me high school in a bottle, Sparkling Lychee is kind of the more bougie, elevated version of Eden Juicy Apple.

Mona Kattan, Founder of Kayali

Describing Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 in 3 Words

Mona Kattan said, ” If I had to describe this fragrance in 3 words, I would definately say it’s VERY RADIANT, VERY CHEERFUL, VERY HAPPY like as soon as I spray it, I just feel like I’m in a good mood”.


Mona’s Favourite Layering Combos

  • Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 + Vanilla | 28 : A satisfyingly sweet combination of warm gourmand notes and tempting fruits that can be worn all year round!
  • Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 + Eden Juicy Apple | 01 : Bright, bold and super juicy, this mouth-watering duo is unapologetically fruity with an overdose of fresh apples, luscious lychee and tart wild berries!
  • Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 + Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 : Slightly creamy and delightfully fresh, this pair boasts tasty notes of pistachio gelato, zesty bergamot, juicy lychees, fluffy marshmallow and voluptuous whipped cream for an incredibly delicious scent bubble.

Perfume Bottle Sizes

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 comes in the following bottle packaging:

  • 100ml bottles
  • 50ml bottles
  • 10ml deluxe bottles
  • 10ml travel size mini bottles

Bottom Line

This fragrance is going to be a hit again as all the fragrance notes used are amazing! It’s already out of stock on Sephora! Try this first on 10ml sizes and then go for the full size bottle.

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Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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