May 29, 2024
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Kayali Deja Vu White Flower 57- Is it worth the money?

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To know what Kayali Deja Vu is, let us first know briefly about the brand Kayali.

Kayali is a perfume brand founded by Mona Kattan, sister of the famous Huda Kattan- Owner of the popular beauty brand Huda Beauty.

Kayali is a very popular perfume brand launched in 2018 by Mona Kattan. She was fascinated and had an obsession with fragrances since childhood. When she moved to Dubai, she got to know about perfumery very well and hence launched the brand Kayali.

Kayali Deja Vu White Flower 57

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I have never seen any perfume with number in its bottle. The numbers symbolize the number of modifications they did with the nose to create their beautiful scents.

The nose behind this fragrance is Gabriela Chelariu, who also has made majority of the other Kayali Perfumes.

Deja Vu White Flower is a really beautiful scent with a bit of sweetness that is perfect for wearing it all year round or making it your signature scent. This scent can be described as pretty, elegant and sophisticated.

This is a floral fragrance- don’t be scared when I say floral. This is a floral scent done right. Not screechy, not loud, but very comforting.

A huge crowd pleasing perfume as it is feminine with softness and creaminess. Not lactonic creaminess, but creaminess coming from cashmeran wood along with vanilla and sandalwood.

The nectarine gives it a little bit of sweetness which is not overly sweet.

At the initial burst, it is juicy, fresh and a bit sweet, and later settles down to a very delicate smell of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine along with the sweetness. I can’t really pinpoint the notes because it’s blended really well.

Just for the information you are seeking, I’m listing the notes as listed on Fragrantica.

The long lasting note I get on my skin is the patchouli and sandalwood- which to me reminds me of the drydown of the popular Club De Nuit Woman.

Fragrance Notes

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Top Notes: Gardenia, Nectarine, Pear

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Indian Jasmine, Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Patchouli, Cashmere Wood, Sandalwood

Is It Worth The Money?

In the fragrance world, different people will have different opinions as they have varied tastes. Here is my opinion on this fragrance- I would purchase it because it’s right up my alley- I don’t like synthetic florals, neither do I like overly fresh or overly sweet scents.

If you love sweet scents, and is a great vanilla lover, this is the best fragrance to try in fall and winter.

I like fragrances that are unique and has depth to it, and which smells delicate and expensive. This is the perfume woth the money- a smooth floral scent with the perfect amount od sweetness, that is blended really well. Also, the longevity is 10/10.

Projection is mild and the scent bubble this fragrance has is magnetic. Its worth the money.

Where Can I Purchase?

Before recommending the stores from where you can buy, first I would recommend you to test out the fragrance first, so that you can know if you like it or not. All the Kayali perfumes comes in the travel sizes and minis so that you can test out the minis before investing your money in the full size bottle.

If you are from India reading this article, click here to purchase.

If you don’t belong to India, you can purchase it from Sephora, Amazon or on the Huda Beauty Official Website.

Is this a Safe Blind Buy?

This is a safe blind buy, if you want it for yourself. I won’t recommend it a blind buy for gifting purposes. Try the travel size or the mini size bottle before purchasing.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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