May 28, 2024
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Bath and Body Works Released Fragrances Inspired by The Most Famous Brand! 2024

Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro and Bath and Body Works, both the brands are super famous for their fragrances. Bath and Body Works does some fragrance dupes of the high end perfumes.

This was a crazy news when people heard Bath and Body Works duped yet another fragrance brand – Sol de Janeiro. To know which fragrances they duped, read this article.

1. Vacation Vibe by Bath and Body Works

Vacation Vibe Bath and Body Works

Vacation Vibe is one of the best fragrance that is launched in this line. This fragrance opens with the almond and pistachio note along with the vanilla and amber. The fragrance has notes of whipped pistachio, sundrenched jasmine and praline amber.

But there definitely is vanilla which makes this fragrance reminiscent of the most famous and viral Sol de Janeiro body mist, that is Cheirosa 62. Cheirosa 62 has notes of Pistachio, Almond, Heliotrope, Jasmine Petals, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Sandalwood.

Cheirosa 62

You can already see that the notes of the fragrance mimic the notes of Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 62. Not only that, Bath and Body Works is less expensive than Sol de Janeiro, along with the quantity. You’re getting more than double the quantity of Cheirosa 62 in lesser price range.

When coming to lasting power, definitely Cheirosa 62 is a winner. It lasts and projects longer than Vacation Vibe.

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2. Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise Bath and Body Works

Pink Paradise smells like an expensive fragrance with the Baccarat Rouge 540 vibe, also the Ariana Grande Cloud, and guess what? It’s also a dupe of Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 68. Pink Paradise is definitely duping Cheirosa 68.

The notes in Pink Paradise are pink dragon fruit, wild hibiscus and blush moss, which kind of mimics the notes of Cheirosa 68 are Pink Dragonfruit, Lychee Essence, Brazilian Jasmine, Ocean Air, Hibiscus, Sheer Vanilla, Sun Musk.

Cheirosa 8

Some fragrance notes may differ, but they are almost identical twins. It’s the closest dupe of Cheirosa 69. It’s an airy burnt sugar scent with a little bit of florals going on in the background.

When it comes to longevity, Cheirosa 68 lasts longer than Pink Paradise.

I don’t really like that DNA, so in my opinion, you can skip this if you don’t like Bath & Body Works In The Stars, Ariana Grande Cloud or MFK Baccarat Rouge 540.

I have smelt Cheirosa 68 before, and the smell literally chokes me, gives me nausea. Not my vibe.

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3. Solar Shine

Solar Shine Bath and Body Works

Solar Shine is a white floral fragrance with coconut and vanilla. It smells like a sunscreen, something like this – imagine you’re on a vacation on a beach, in summer, and you’ve applied your sunscreen lotion all over your body. The notes listed on Bath & Body Works site include radiant coconut, sunlit tuberose and bronzed tonka.

Rio Radiance

This fragrance is said to be duping Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance, which has notes of  Leite de Coco, Warm Sand , Solar Tuberose, Ylang Ylang , Creamy Vanilla and Amber Essence , some of the notes which are similar to Solar Shine by Bath and Body Works.

The Bath and Body Works Solar Shine is more of a white floral sunscreen type of scent, whereas Rio Radiance is kind of coconut heavy sunscreen kind of fragrance.

This is the least identical among the latest Bath and Body Works release.

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Other Releases in the Line

Bath & Body Works released the entire bodycare range in the above mentioned fragrance. They came up with their Glowtion Body Butter, Shimmer Body Oil, Body Wash and Diamond Shimmer Mist.

1. Glowtion Body Butter

2. Shimmer Body Oil

Shimmer Body Oil smells like the fragrance but in the oil variant. It’s best for summers, when you wear that sundress, and want to achieve that glow when you walk out of your home. It provides enough hydration to make your skin shine and also make your fragrance layering combo last longer.



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