May 29, 2024
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Top 9 Amazing Perfumes that Smells Like Freshly Washed Hair

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair


Everyone loves to look fresh and clean, and to enhance that people use fragrances and perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair, like you just walked out of the shower.

I personally love fragrances that gives me the fresh after shower/ after shampoo vibes. Not only me, men love such fragrances on women as well.

A women who smells fresh and clean, like someone who just washed her hair seems more attractive to people and are perceived as women of grace and beauty as well.

In this article, we’ll cover top 9 fragrances and perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair.

1. The Body Shop White Musk Lover

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

If you’re someone who loves pink pepper and musk, this fragrance is for you. White Musk Lover from The Body Shop comes in a 15ml glass bottle, which is travel friendly.

The fragrance opens with the fresh pink pepper note, along with the freshness that lingers around you the whole day, along with notes of ambrette and orris, which gives it a floral musky fragrance.

Whenever I wore this fragrance, I got complements. This was in 2023, I washed my hair that day and applied this fragrance on my clothes. When I reached college, immediately after a friend of mine asked me “You smell so good. Did you apply any fragrance?” See! She was wondering if this was a fragrance or was this just the fragrance of my freshly washed hair!

2. Zara Nude Bouquet

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

Zara Nude Bouquet is one of my love at first sniff fragrance. It’s one of those fragrances which you can blind buy.

Zara Nude Bouquet smells so fresh, clean yet comforting and cozy at the same time. This fragrance has notes of lotus and bergamot, giving it that freshness in the opening, honeysuckle and heliotrope in the middle notes and vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean at the base notes, making this fragrance comforting and inviting as well.

As this fragrance is fresh floral and smells clean, this literally gives me shampoo-spa vibes. I mean- imagine a lady that did hair spa and walked out of the salon, and you get a whiff of the fragrance from her hair, that’s how it smells like.

Projection and lasting power is 9/10 and when mixed with your skin chemistry, gives you a soft fragrance. I have almost finished my 100ml bottle in less than a year. I got complements from my cousin and brother as well as my friends. This smells really very good.

3. Elle Free Spirit

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

I recently discovered Elle Free Spirit while I was in Hyderabad, I bought it from Shopper’s Stop and guess what? This fragrance smells so clean, fresh and powdery at the same time.

For those who are looking for everyday fragrances that are simple yet smells like you just washed your hair with the most amazing shampoo, this is it. Don’t just walk, RUN, Run to your nearest store and ask if the fragrance is available.

It is affordable too. This has become my go-to everyday fragrance. It’s so comforting and pleasing fragrance, you can never get enough of it.

The fragrance notes include violet leaf, tropical fruits, lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope, narcissus, patchouli, vetiver white woods and honey, and I get musk too.

The only down side of this fragrance is that it doesn’t project well and last long on my skin. Otherwise, the fragrance is a 10/10.

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4. Versace Crystal Noir EDT

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

I’ve talked about Versace Crystal Noir a several times. This fragrance is so seductive and smells like you just walked out of the shower, like you just got a luxurious hair spa.

It’s so fresh and alluring. When it settles down on your skin, it smells better. You get a soft fragrance that lingers around you – a fragrance that you can’t get enough of.

Don’t buy the EDP, try EDT. The coconut note in this fragrance is done to the point of perfection. I hate coconut fragrances, but this one is different. You get the mysterious vibe from this fragrance and I love it. It’s one of my top 10 fragrance in my collection.

5. Titan Skin Tales Ibiza

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

If you’re someone who loves shampoos that smells fruity but fresh, definately try Ibiza by Titan Skinn Tales.

This fragrance is so fresh and clean, it’s not your straight up clean soapy fragrance, but a fruity-fresh take on it. Oh my God! Everytime I smell this fragrance, I get something that makes me go crazy about this fragrance.

This fragrance is a great complement getter. I wore this fragrance to the gym 5 times, and a lady came up to me on the 2nd and 4th day and asked,”How do you smell so good always? I’m obsessed with your perfumes. What is it that you’re wearing today?” I told her about this fragrance and she told me she’s gonna get this fragrance for her asap.

This fragrance has prominent notes of melon, bergamot, musk, rose, cedarwood and ginger.

There is no single negative point for this fragrance –

  1. It lasts long upto 24+ hours
  2. It projects well
  3. It smells unique and expensive
  4. A huge complement getter!
  5. Is affordable as compared to other fragrances.

What more do you need? Get this one for yourself and thank me later.

6. Dior J’Adore EDP

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

If you are someone who loves the fragrance of expensive shampoos that are available in the luxurious spas and stores, try Dior J’Adore. This fragrance has my heart.

J’Adore is a classy timeless fragrance which can be worn in any occassion. It’s simple and elegant, yet sophisticated.

The fragrance opens with the notes of pear, magnolia, peach, melon, mandarin orange and bergamot, which slowly transitions into while florals which are fresh and sophisticated – jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, tuberose, freesia, rose, orchid and violet along with plum. And the drydown is so smooth with notes of musk, vanilla, blackberry and cedar.

This fragrance is a masterpiece. People around you will be sniffing you after you apply this fragrance. Definately giving luxurious spa vibe.

7. Glossier You

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

Glossier You is a really hyped up fragrance and it is for a reason. This fragrance is fresh yet unique. It smells like you just washed your hair with the most expensive products.

It is powdery in the drydown, but in the initial stages, it smells like a woman just out of the shower,. You get hints of pink pepper, ambroxan, iris and ambrette, which makes this fragrance appropriate for all year round.

You can wear this fragrance anywhere, and it will catch attention. Lasting power is good and sillage is good as well. This fragrance is a bit similar to the first fragrance I mentioned – The Body Shop White Musk Lover EDP.

8. Ralph Lauren Romance EDP

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

Ralph Lauren Romance is a classic fragrance since the time it came out. The fragrance is alluring and sexy but at the same time is signature scent appropriate too.

If you are someone looking for a light fresh signature scent worthy fragrance that smells like freshly washed hair, definately get your hands on Ralph Lauren Romance EDP.

This fragrance opens with the notes of rose, ginger, freesia, lemon and chamomile, giving you that freshness and sophistication as well as calmness, slowly settling down to the middle notes of florals like lily, carnation, lotus and white violet. The drydown smells so rich and classy with the notes of white musk, woody notes, oakmoss and hints of patchouli.

The lasting power of the fragrance is great and projects well too. Definately a 10/10.

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9. Victoria’s Secret Bare Rose

perfumes that smells like freshly washed hair

Bare Rose by Victoria’s Secret is so fresh and sophisticated. It doesn’t smell like your normal rose fragrance. Instead, it smells like a very sexy, matured rose fragrance that smells like luxurious bath and body product that has a hint of fresh rose petals in it.

The fragrance opens with juicy and fresh pear, slowly enveloping you around the aroma of classy luxury rose along with dreamwood, musk and cedar which elevates this fragrance.

The most unique thing about this fragrance is that it smells different on everyone’s skin. The fragrance changes along with your body chemistry. It gives the perfectly washed hair fragrance.



Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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