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Is Dark Kiss Bath And Body Works Good? – 4 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing

Dark Kiss
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Bath & Body Works is one of the popular bodycare and fragrance industries that has gained a lot of popularity as well as has a lot of collection as compared to other fragrance and bodycare industries.

Dark Kiss is one of their releases in 2010, which was a popular fragrance then. This fragrance is a fruity-smoky fragrance with musky and powdery base.

Fragrance Notes

The fragrance notes include

Top Notes: Plum, Black Raspberry, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Rose and Incense

Base Notes: Musk and Patchouli

Dark Kiss – Description

Dark kiss comes in the signature Bath And Body Works bottle, in a purple colour with purple liquid. The scent opens with a strong raspberry and sugary plum note with hints of bergamot, making it sweet, yet a bit fresh.

This is a sweet fruity and musky fragrance with incense note, making it long lasting as compared to other bath and body works body mists.

Dark kiss, as it’s name suggests, is dark, complex fragrance, which is not for everyone.

This fragrance mist is really potent will sillage and lasting power.

Dark Kiss – Honest Review

Dark kiss is a strong fragrance, which I personally don’t love. This is due to something very synthetic in the body mist. This is not the fragrance which you’ll fall in love with in the first sniff.

This fragrance chokes me, I don’t get a particular vibe from this fragrance. All I get is the feeling of nausea.

I’ve seen many reviews of people recommending it as the “Sultry” scent, but no, not at all. This is a headache inducing mess.

This fragrance is gonna choke you and people around you.

Should I buy it?

To be honest, Bath And Body Works has really good fragrances out there in their collection, for every occassion and season.

If you are new to perfumes anf fragrances and are starting your collection, don’t buy this fragrance. Instead go for Dahlia, You’re The One, A Thousand Wishes, or Hello Beautiful.

The ones that I recomended you are the ones that I always get a bunch of complements whenever I wear it.

Dark Kiss is a disaster fragrance for me personally, but it depends on person to person, as we all have different tastes.

If you are really a great raspberry lover and are loving the notes in this fragrance, then I think you can give it a try.

Reactions Whenever I wear Dark Kiss

I really don’t like this fragrance- it’s not for me. One day I was wearing it, sprayed it on my skin and my brother quickly after he smelt me asked “What are you wearing?”

I know I know, that was the reaction,- “but you told this fragrance is synthetic”, Yeah, it is, and the reaction that my brother gave was not in a pleasant way- not in the way I get complements on my favourite Bath And Body Works body mists.

If you want to turn heads for becoming the worst, mixed smelling, headache inducing mess, definately purchase this body mist.


This fragrance is one of the worst smelling fragrances from Bath And Body Works, and should be avoided at all costs as it smells very smoky and a mixture of everything- sweetness, smookiness and something that is not right.

This fragrance is the perfect example of making a fragrance casually, just for the sake of increasing the collection.

Don’t be fooled by the name, the name is attractive, but the fragrance is not.

This fragrance gives me nothing but nausea and headache- something so strong and unbearable, the fragrance notes are not blended well.

The notes may seem attractive and appealing, but don’t be fooled by the packaging and name. Avoid this at all costs.

Instead, if you want to smell good, Click here.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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