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The Top 6 Amazing Women’s Perfumes that Hypnotise Men

Perfumes that Hypnotise Men

Everyone loves to smell amazing, as well as are attracted to people who smell good.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about the top 6 perfumes that hypnotise men.

But first, let’s understand what kind of perfumes do men love and prefer on women.

Men love perfumes which has notes of vanilla, jasmine, tuberose, rose, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, cinnamon, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, vetiver, orange blossom and musk.

These notes, if found in a perfume, can literally hypnotise men.

This post is in no particular order.

Here are the top 6 fragrances that hypnotise men:

1. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

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Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl, as the packaging looks like – a red stiletto, is a very classy and is the epitome of feminine perfume. This perfume is a flanker of the very popular fragrance – Good Girl, which women as well as men love.

This is a fruity floral fragrance, with a bit of everything in it. This perfume is the perfect blend of sweetness, spicyness, florals, powderyness, and vanilla.

The perfume opens with fresh notes of litchi and red currant and a bit of sweetness – with the vanilla in here.

It then settles down into the sexy blend of delicate rose and vetiver, with a bit of vanilla, which makes this fragrance a scent which is appropriate for everyone, and for all season.

This is a signature scent worthy perfume, and can be worn by women of all ages.

The rose here is not done in a too mature or immature way, rather in a classy and delicate way which makes it elevated.

This is one of the best perfumes that hypnotise men – is flirty at the same time is classy and feminine. An easy complement getter and a crowd pleaser perfume.

Longevity is amazing and the scent bubble is the best. People, especially men love this perfume and is one of the perfumes that hypnotise men.

2. Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry

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Kayali has some of the best fragrances in her line, and this is one of them. Lovefest burning cherry is a really intoxicating fragrance where chery is done in a very sexy way.

This is not a tart cherry people imagine when they read the name. This is the most delicious, juicy smoky cherry note which is used in this perfume.

This fragrance almost makes your mouth melt whenever you smell it. A boozy or you can say a syrupy fragrance that will make you smell the fragrance more.

At the initial spray, you’ll get the cherry, raspberry – which is making it delicious, and bergamot, which is giving it a freshness in the opening. It is juicy cherry in the opening.

It then settles down to floral notes with praline, making it sweet and aromatic. The heliotrope and damask dose is maing this fragrance sweet and sexy as well.

Then after 2-3 hours, you’ll smell the smoky cherry mixed with tonka bean and a bit of vanilla, making it

This perfume is known to be a dupe of the popluar perfume – Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry.

This is the perfume which is not for everyone, someone may be find it too smoky for them, also, your skin chemistry will determine if you are going to enjoy this perfume or not.

I would highly recommend you to try travel size or minis first, then go for the full size bottle.

This fragrance is dark and has depth to it. It is definately a date night or a night out fragrance. Good for winters.

Longevity is weak, but the projection is amazing.

Men love these kind of dark scents, and this is one of those perfumes that hypnotise men.

Check out more Kayali Fragrance in detail.

3. Dior J’Adore Eau De Parfum

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J’adore by Dior is a white floral fragrance with fruity notes. This scent is so pretty and beautiful and is liked by everyone.

This fruity-floral fragrance is going to turn men on instantly, and make you attractive.

It’s like the honey bees are attracted to the flowers.

This fragrance is just luxury in a bottle. I’ve smelt many scents, some of them are luxurious by the brand name, but smells cheap. That’s not happening in this perfume.

This perfume smells like a luxurious shampoo. Smells like you’re just out of the shower and your hair is wet, and you’re walking past a someone, and the person will love this smell – especially if the person is a guy.

Man are most drawn to 2 types of fragrances on women – either they love fresh or they love sweet.

This scent is the perfect example of white florals done right. Just imagine a classy lady, well dressed and is living upto her dreams, walking past you and you can’t point out what is she wearing.

It’s a happy scent – no matter the age or gender, everyone enjoys this fragrance.

The scent opens with fresh and juicy notes of pear, magnolia, peach, bergamot, melon and mandarin orange.

It then settles down into fresh and delicate florals including lily of the valley, tuberose, freesia, rose, violet, orchid and jasmine with the juicy plum.

The scent trail is so beautiful as the base notes are vanilla, musk, blackberry and cedar.

Longevity is 8+ hours on skin, and stays on clothes for days.

4. YSL Libre Intense

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Oh my gosh, guys! This fragrance is a love at first sniff for me. I haven’t got a bottle of this perfume yet, but definately gonna buy this soon.

This fragrance is very unique, just because of the lavender note in here. Usually, lavender is a note used in masculine perfumes, but in this perfume, it’s done in a very feminine way.

Lavender note is not strong here, rather it is bringing out the freshness in this perfume.

The perfume opens with the fresh notes of lavender, bergamot and mandarin orange, which is refreshing. This is not a sickenly fresh scent though.

After sometime, it transitions into a very delicate smell of lavender, orange blossom, jasmine sambac and orchid, which brings out the richness in the scent.

The scent is a bit sweet as compared to YSL Libre. The vanilla used in this fragrance along with tonka bean and ambergris is bringing out the sexy and intoxicating side of the perfume.

This is one of the intoxicating women’s perfumes that hypnotise men.

Every men love this perfume, and this is definately a maneater fragrance.

The projection and scent trail of the fragrance is so sexy that people will crave your presence. It lasts easily 10 hours plus on skin; on clothes, lasts for days.

A must buy if you love compex perfumes and the lavender note in perfumes.

5. Versace Crystal Noir EDT

sexiest perfumes

This is the BEST perfume for women, who love fresh yet spicy scent profile. The masterpiece in a bottle.

This perfume lies in the category of mystery and seduction. The main attraction is the black bottle with a dark crystal cap. I really love the design of the brand and how the perfume is portrayed.

Versace Crystal Noir Eau De Toilette is a very sexy and dark fragrance, totally giving off the mysterious vibe. This is due to the depth in the fragrance.

The notes are well blended and the only two notes I can pinpoint are cardamom and coconut.

The cardamom in this perfume is giving the spicyness, along with ginger and pepper. Really love that initial blast of spicyness.

The real magic happens after 4-5 mins of spraying the perfume on your skin. The perfume slowly transitions into white florals – gardenia and orange blossom, along with peony. These flowers used here brings class to this scent.

Gradually after few minutes, you can get the sexy and dark coconut here. Don’t be scared by the coconut note here – being honest, I personally don’t love coconut note in any perfume, but this! This is done in a very sexy way.

This is not your typical tropical coconut used in every other fragrance out there. The coconut is in the background, not in the face.

This fragrance is so good! If I had to choose any 1 perfume for life, I would choose this baby right here. This is an eau de toilette formulation, but lasts long and projects well.

Guys will literally sniff you whenever you wear this perfume, and this is a magic potion in a bottle, no one will get bored of this perfume.

This fragrance can be worn anytime, but works well if you’re going on a date, or you want to give off myserious, femme fatale energy.

This perfume has an undeniable character – a women with satin slip dress, wearing red or black, with her head high, wearing a stiletto heel, red lips and well done hair, who is confident.The black bottle says it all.

A 10/10 fragrance for me.

6. Givenchy L’Interdit Rouge

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This list would be incomplete if I didn’t mention L’Interdit Rouge by Givenchy.

This fragrance is a spicy yet a little bit sweet blend of the signature tuberose used in the L’Interdit line, along with other notes of blood orange and ginger in the opening.

The opening is fresh and spicy, and gradually settles into the white florals and pimento leaf, which I don’t really know how it smells. The florals here are well blended and intoxicating.

After 4-5 hours, you get the sandalwood and patchouli, along with vetiver, which makes this scent project well and last long.

You will be sniffing yourself after wearing this perfume. Every guy loves this perfume.

Right after I sampled it, I sprayed it on my wrist and when I asked my brother to smell, just at the first sniff he was like “What is it? This smells really really good!” and the expression on his face was priceless.

Then recently, I made my cousin smell it, and he was blown away! He was literally asking the name of the perfume.

There is one more instance that will prove that this perfume is worth the hype and money. The other day, I asked my father to sniff this perfume after I sprayed it on his wrist, just to check if he loves it or not, and he was literally asking me “What is it? Give this perfume to me tomorrow, I’ll be putting on while I go outdoors”

Have you seen that craze? This is literally amazing. A sexy and mysterious fragrance, that only certain people could pull off, as this fragrance has a character itself.

She is on top. Buy this perfume if you want to be perceived as mysterious and sexy, and this the one of the best perfumes that hypnotise men.


The list will go on with other upcoming fragrances, but these are the classics that will remain as it is. These are going to be the best, timeless favourites of many, and can be your favourite too.

If you love my recommendations and have tried any of the perfumes, feel free to comment on how you relate and which perfume did you enjoy the most.

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