May 29, 2024
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Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works – Detailed Review and 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

sunset glow


Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works was launched in 2020, and is for those who loves sweet and gourmand fragrances.

Sunset Glow is sweet, but is smooth and comforting. It is one of those releases by Bath & Body Works that lasts long and projects good as well.

Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works – Detailed Review

At the initial spray, there is a bit of freshness in the fragrance, and quickly after coming in contact of your skin, it settles down into sweet fragrance – almost sexy sweet.

The top note is cherry here, that’s why there’s this freshness coming from this at the initial spray, the juicy cherry – and then gradually the sweetness comes in and the gourmand scent emerges.

It is known for its warm and inviting scent, which is often described as a blend of sparkling cherry seltzer, dreamy moonflower, fresh coconut and caremalized vanilla.

Guys! this fragrance is so soft and feminine – feels like you just entered a fancy bakery where there are a lot of pastries, and caramel. It’s so intoxicating.

Coconut is listed on the notes, but I really don’t get any coconut. I don’t really love coconut in a fragrance, but if there’s coconut in this fragrance, it’s undetectable.

Sunset Glow is best for winters and fall, for the date nights as well, where you want to smell edible and irresistibe to your partner.

You can also layer this fragrance with other perfumes as well – I personally love layering it with fragrances which have dark vibe to it – like YSL black opium or other cherry fragrances.


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1. What does Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works smell like?

Sunset glow is a not-so-sweet, warm and gourmand fragrance with notes of cherry, moonflower, fresh coconut and caramalized vanilla – making you feel like a walking goddess.

2. Is Sunset Glow a summer scent?

Sunset glow is a night time fragrance and can perform best during the fall and winter season.

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3. Which is a dupe of Sunset Glow?

Cheirosa 62 by Sol De Janeiro and Sunset Glow smells like same – just that there’s a little bit freshness in Sunset Glow and more nutyness in Cheirosa 62.

Hence, Sunset Glow is a dupe of Cheirosa 62.


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4. Is Sunset Glow in Bath and Body Works?

Sunset Glow is one of the fragrances from Bath and Body Works, which was launched in 2020.

5. Is Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works discontinued?

Yes, Sunset Glow by Bath and Body Works is currently discontinued, but you can still get your hands on it from local stores or Etsy and Ebay.

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