May 28, 2024
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How to Make Body Mist Last Longer – 5 Powerful Steps


To know how to make body mist last longer, first we have to know what a body mist is, and how it is different from perfumes.

Body mists are fragrances with low fragrance oil concentration, whereas perfumes have high concentration of fragrance oil in it.

Everyone has talked about how to make a perfume last longer, but they haven’t mentioned anything about how to make your body mist last longer.

As body mists are lighter in fragrance oil concentration, they fade away quickly, especially if applied on your skin.

After knowing what a body mist is, let us dive into the steps on how to make body mist last longer:

Preparing Your Skin

This is the first step in your skincare routine to make body mist last longer. Prepare your skin.

To make your body mist last longer, there are certain skincare hacks that I’ve tried and it’s fully approved by me cause the techniques I use everyday made the body mists I use last upto 6 hours+, which is unusual for a body mist to last.

Here are some of the steps you need to follow if you want to make your body mist last longer:

1. Exfoliate

The very first step to set your base for your body mist is to exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliating can be done in two different ways:


This is not an usual process people follow, but is really beneficial. This not only exfoliates your skin, but also helps in blood circulation of your body.

This is done by taking a dry body brush to brush your body before scrubbing or using shower gel/body wash.


Scrubbing is the normal way to exfoliate your skin, and if you haven’t added scrubbing to your shower routine, you’re missing out. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells and provides clear, soft and supple skin, making the base for your body mist to last longer.

2. Cleanse

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Cleansing is the next step after exfoliating. Cleansing includes using shower gel and/or soap to prepare your skin for providing extra moisture by making the base hydrated and clean.

Use soap or shower gel with the same fragrance as the scrub or the body mist which you’ll be wearing.

You can also us shower gel which has the same scent profile as the body mist.

For example, if you are going to apply vanilla body mist, use shower gel or soaps that has the vanilla note, or if you’re going to apply floral body mist, look forward for shower gel with fresh fragrance.

3. Moisturise

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Just after the shower, put on oil, that has no fragrance or very weak fragrance. I’ll recommend using Johnson’s Baby Oil, as it has a very mild fragrance.

Remember: Put the oil when you’re still wet after the shower, when you haven’t fully pat dried your body. This step helps to lock in the moisture of your skin and helps make your fragrance base amazing.

4. Body Lotion

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I am not talking about scent lotion here in the first part, because if you are a beginner, you really need to know that fragrances can be layered with body lotion and can be made better.

Now, again, if you’re a beginner or a pro, you can still use scented lotions which can be used before applying your body mist.

It means that you have to buy the same body lotion of the body mist you’re going to wear.

Here comes the savior – Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Find My Happy Place, Nykaa Love Struck and many more – which offers the same scent combo – body mist, perfume, body lotion and shower gel as well.

It’s best if you use the same scented body lotion with the same body mist fragrance.

And, if you’re a beginner, then you can try the unscented body lotion before applying body mist.

5. Body Mist

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The final step is to apply body mist on your skin. Take care of the type of body mist you choose to apply on your skin. Some body mists contain heavy dose of alchohol, which may occur irritation and dryness of your skin.

Body Mist Application Techniques

Here are some of the important points you need to keep in mind while applying body mist:

1. Gently Spritz, do not Drench

As said earlier, body mists contain more alchohol than perfumes, therefore, it should be sprayed with care.

Do not overspray or drench yourself in it, as it can choke you or others near you. Due to the prominent alchohol which is present in body mists, it quickly evaporates, which brings us to the next point.

2. Targeted Points to apply Body Mist

There are some points in our body where body mists or any perfume can stay longer.

These are known as pulse points, where our skin sits close to our nerves, resulting in more warmth in that particular area in contrast to other areas.

These points are present in:

  1. Wrist
  2. Neck
  3. Inner Elbows
  4. Back of our ears
  5. Collar Bones
  6. Behind our knees
  7. In the cleavage (for women)
  8. In the chest (for men)

3. Vaseline

There is a trend going on right now – applying vaseline in the pulse points before applying body mist.

This is going to lock in the fragrance, due to the moisture content on your skin after you apply vaseline. This is one of the best fragrance lock techniques out there.

4. Applying Body Mist as a Hair Mist

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This is a really important point to take care of. I’ve already highlighted that body mists contain high amount of alchohol, which may damage your hair.

You only need the fragrance right? And also keeping in mind the point that alchohol can’t be applied to your hair, therefore, here is the best method I’ve been using since 2 years and I’m not at all disappointed.

Take your hair brush and spray the body mist on it, let it settle for about 20-30 seconds – that’s when the alchohol is gone and you’re ready to apply it on your hair.

Gently brush your hair and here you go. The fragrance is in your hair without the alchohol.

5. Clothing and Fabric Application

This is the unforgetable part everyone does- spraying body mist on your clothes.

This not only helps the body mist to last, but also makes a scent trail that people can smell you.

The other benefit is that the alchohol content in here is not directly in touch with your skin, so you can apply it anywhere in your clothes or fabric.

Keep in mind – DO NOT OVERSPRAY – as it can smell like alchohol to some.

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1. How to choose the right body mist?

To choose the right body mist, always look for the formulation and oil concentration in it. Look for the reviews about that fragrance on youtube or fragrance review blogs.

There are certain notes too, which can make a body mist long lasting – some of them are vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, rose, magnolia, lily-of-the-valley, cardamom, almond and ginger.

First see the notes and customer reviews, and finally buy the body mist.

2. Can we apply body mist on clothes?

Absolutely yes, you can apply body mist on your clothes or any fabric you’re wearing. Infact, the body mist will last longer on clothes.

3. How long does a body mist last?

Generally, a body mist lasts anywhere ranging from 2-4 hours on skin, depending upon it’s performance. If the brand is good, and makes body mist with high fragrance oil concentration, it will last longer.

4. Which is better – perfume or body mist?

This totally depends upon your point of view – but from my point of view, perfumes are better than body mist since they have high fragrance oil concentration and has low alchohol, which makes it good to apply on skin.

5. Should you rub body mist?

There’s nothing to rub or dab body mist, since they have more water and alchohol, which quickly evaporates from your skin seconds after you apply. Gently spritz on your pulse points and do not dab or rub.

6. Can I spray body mist on my armpits?

No, don’t spray body mist on armpits, as it will darken your underarms and when mixed with your sweat, it’ll make a horrible smell. Instead, use deo roll ons or underarm roll ons.


To end this blog, there’s only one thing to say – make your skin ready and moisturised so that your body mist can last long on your skin. Also spray your body mist on the pulse points so that it can project well. Not to mention, see the formulation and reviews before buying the body mist.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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