May 30, 2024
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Bath & Body Works Fall Scents 2023 – The New Releases and Offers You Can’t Miss!

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In this article, we’re gonna cover some of the latest Bath & Body Works releases for fall and winter, and also the previous releases that are a staple choice to wear during fall and winters.

Read this full article to know more about what you’re looking for and whether you can invest your money or not!

1. Midnight Amber Glow

Midnight Amber Glow from Bath and Body Works is not just a body mist. It performs like a freaking high-end designer perfume.

This fragrance lies in the category of sweet scents, which can be worn during the fall and winters. The best way to describe this scent is the caramel frappe that you get in Starbucks, but make it more perfumey and expensive smelling with sweetness. This fragrance is smooth, rich and deep.

The amber in this fragrance is sweet, and this fragrance is only for those who love gourmands and sweet scents.

The caramel and vanilla here, it’s amazing. You get the creamy coffee vibe, the vanilla, the booziness, along with amber which is very sweet. Perfect for date nights too.

Lasts long and projects well too. A must buy if you are finding a fragrance that is cheap and smells good.

2. Wrapped in Vanilla

Wrapped in Vanilla, as the name suggests, literally will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket of vanilla. It is a really amazing fragrance for fall and winter.

The notes here are soft vanilla, velvet sugar and chantily cream. This fragrance is so smooth and warm – very feminine and can be used at your home where you’re cozy or with your partner, putting blankets on, watching netflix and chilling.

This fragrance is also for the “hot coffee session” or “self-care” time ny yourself.

3. Vampire Bloods

Vampire Bloods from Bath & Body Works is a fragrance that is really sweet and juicy. It gives a candy vibe whenever you wear it – a little bit of tartness with a lot of sweetness.

The notes here are red berries, plum and jasmine.

The berries and plum makes it sweet yet sour almost candy like vibe. A very youthful scent which will probably remind you of your childhood. There is also jasmine, balancing out the fragrance and making it pleasing to the nose.

4. Sunset Glow

If you are a gourmand lover, you’ll definitely fall in love with Sunset Glow at the first sniff.

Sunset Glow by Bath & Body Works is so delicious, you can really smell like a cake or even a dessert. At the initial spray, I get the caramel note, I slightly get almond as well, and of course in the dry down I get vanilla enhanced with some cherry sweetness.

Absolutely loved this one. This is also the one that men tend to love on women.

Perfect for winters and fall season, for those cozy sessions or date nights where you want to smell like a sexy caramel dessert. The lasting power is insane.

5. Snowflakes And Cashmere

Snowflakes and Cashmere by bath and body works is a really comforting close-to-skin fragrance.

Very much appropriate for fall and winters – when you’re feeling like staying home alone or with your partner, cuddling or having a movie date in your home, cuddling with your person – and when you wear this, your person will be sniffing you every second.

It has the perfect amount of sweetness, and you can’t really pinpoint the notes in the fragrance. So well blended and comforting.

If you are allergic to fragrances, this might work for you because it is not really strong to the nose.

The fragrance notes are vanilla, cashmere, white tea, clementine, amber and some woodsy notes.

6. Golden Berry Mistletoe

If you love freah and clean scents, you’ll definately love this one. Golden Berry Mistletoe from Bath & Body Works is a really light fragrance, which will make you happy.

This is a fresh and clean scent with a hint of berry like sweetness to it, just to elevate the fragrance. It is a new release in 2023 for the fall season.

The fragrance notes in the packaging include sparkling berries, sugared spruce and frosted air.

The only downside of this fragrance is that it doesn’t last long, otherwise this is a great fragrance for fall and winters. If you want to make your fragrances last long, click here.

7. Cozy Vanilla Bourbon

Cozy Vanilla Bourbon is one of the new releases by Bath & Body Works, and smells incredible.

We all know that if there’s vanilla in a body mist or perfume, it’s going to be sweet, but Cozy Bourbon Vanilla is not that sweet, which we find in other fragrances, but it’s warm and rich. Bath & Body Works really did a great job in making this one.

The fragrance notes include vanilla, vanilla bourbon and fruits.

It’s a really soft, warm, rich and cozy vanilla scent that will make your mouth water, and at the same time it is sultry, just because of a tiny bot of smokiness in it.

If you wore this in fall and winter, girllllllll, people will chase you down the street asking “What are you wearing?”

Definately a great vanilla fragrance which can be layered with other vanilla fragrances as well.

8. Together Weather by Bath & Body Works

If you love powdery scents, you’ll love Together Weather from Bath & Body Works. This fragrance is a bit sweet, woody with cardamom and some powderyness.

If you’ve tried Cheirosa 40, and love that, definately go for this one. Almost similar and lies in the same fragrance family.

The cedar is strong here, and there is a blush note, which makes this scent comforting and somewhat fresh.

The fragrance notes include cardamom, cedar and aquatic notes.

Absolutely stunning. Great for layering with other fragrances for fall and winters.

9. Strawberry Snowflakes

Strawberry Snowflakes by Bath & Body Works is a creamy and milky almost strawberry milkshake-ish fragrance, but not exactly like strawberry milkshake.

Super lactonic and smells delicious, something that you would wanna drink after you smell it. There is a little bit of freshness to.

It is almost like strawberry milkshake that is chilled and is taken out of refrigerator – and quickly after you smell it you get the same cool, chilled down smell of the strawberry with that lactonic feel.

The fragrance notes here are strawberry, whipped cream, ice and bergamot. If you love strawberries, you’ll love this.

Great for fall and winters, and can be layered with other lactonic berry-like fragrances and lotions to make it stand out!

10. Vanilla Bean Noel

This article wouldn’t have been complete with this amazing fragrance that stands out every single time and has been a gem in everyone’s fragrance vanity.

Vanilla Bean Noel by Bath & Body Works is undoubtedly one of the best gourmands out there. The vanilla that is done in the most amazing way possible.

You get the vanilla with the delicious chocolate note along with some creamyness.

The fragrance notes include whipped cream, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, benzoin, sweety notes and musk.

This is a fragrance that you can wear in a date night in winters. Not only that, it can be worn all year round. A gorgeous fragrance at an affordable price.

The only downside is that the new formulations are weaker and didn’t last long. Try to find an old batch of this fragrance as it is amazing and you don’t wanna miss out!

Bottom Line

Fall is officially here and winter is approaching! Whether one prefers warm and comforting notes or bold and intense accords, these fragrances offer a unique way to embrace the beauty and character of fall and winter.

Try out these body mists from Bath & Body Works as it can be layered with other fragrances and are amazing to wear during fall and winter season.

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