May 29, 2024
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Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath & Body Works – An Amazing Fragrance for Women 2023


Dahlia by Bath & Body Works is one of the classics that still stays on top 10 in my collection, and not only me, but most of the fragrance lovers out there.

Dahlia is a classy scent that a women can wear if she is going on a date or in special events or ocassionally. This fragrance is not an everyday scent. It’s strong and lasts upto 8 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance notes in Dahlia include the following:

  1. Dahlia
  2. Praline
  3. Tonka
  4. Pear

Detailed Review of Dahlia by Bath & Body Works

Dahlia, when first sprayed opens with a bit of freshness and a bit of juicyness – because of the pear, which is the top note.

After few minutes, it settles down into a smooth, almost creamy sweet fragrance which is addictive. You’ll be sniffing this fragrance everytime you wear this.

The drydown has the tonka and praline along with dahlia and it’s so good you guys! If you want something classy and want fragrance recommendations, definately go for this one.

Unlike the other Bath & Body Works body mists, which have that alchohol smell at the initial spray, this one is an exceptional. A really creamy fragrance that doesn’t even smell like a body mist – but performs like a perfume.

Everytime I wear this fragrance, I know I’m getting the attention because it smells really really good and projects good as well.

If Dahlia was worn by a women, she would be picturized as…….?

Dahlia, can be worn by anyone, you know. But every fragrance has a character in my opinion.

If I had to picturize a woman wearing Dahlia, she would be a confident women, who is sexy and playful as well, wearing gold or maroon bodycon dress, being the centre of attention and is wearing gold jewelry, smiling and sipping her glass of cocktail.

She is sexy and playful, and is welcoming as well.

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What does Dahlia smell like?

Dahlia is a beautiful creamy floral fragrance with some sweetness. A really classy fragrance that can be worn all year round.

Is Dahlia long lasting?

Yes, Dahlia by Bath & Body Works is a long lasting fragrance and being a body mist, it lasts for 8 hours on clothes and 3-4 hours on skin.

Is Dahlia by Bath & Body Works a dupe of Carolina Herrera Good Girl?

Dahlia has kind of that DNA with the Good Girl line, but not exactly the same the way people are hyping this up.

Just the drydown is reminiscent just because of the praline note in here. You can layer these both fragrances if you won CH Good Girl.

Is Dahlia by Bath & Body Works discontinued?

No, Dahlia is still in their collection, and comes out sometimes during their Semi-Annual Sale or in between their various launches. You can get your hands on it, or buy it on Mercari or dollar store.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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