May 29, 2024
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6 Amazing Shower Gels That Smells So Good

Shower gel

Shower gel or you can say body wash is one of the basic and foremost steps in your bodycare and hygiene routine. It helps you get a really good base for your shower and hygiene routine.

In a vast market that is globally competitive, various shower gels are available with different price and different contents.

Some of them are enriched with vitamin oils, some of them are sulphate free, some of them have jojoba oil to nourish your body and some of them have hyaluronic acid to make skin supple and smooth.

For selecting the perfect shower gel, you need to keep in mind 3 things:

One, that comes under the budget; two, that is sulphate free; and three, that smells really good.

Here are the 6 amazing shower gels that smells really very good:

1. Plum Body Lovin’ Caramel Popcorn Shower Gel

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Plum has a lot of shower gels that are great, but this one is my most favourite out of the entire collection.

As the name suggests, Caramel Popcorn, this shower gel smells delicious. I get the movie theatre vibe, those expensive caramelized popcorn, with a bit sweet yet salty and creamy at the same time.

This one smells super edible. When I opened the bottle, I wanted to taste the body was as it smells so delicious, I can’t even explain.

Salty popcorn, a little warm with a lot of caramel, and a tad bit of sweetness that balances out the fragrance.

This body wash is perfect to apply as your bodycare routine base, if you’re going on a date; and in winters where you want to smell delicious.

Also, the packaging is well designed, and the pump of the bottle is amazing and easy as well.

2. Nykaa Love Struck – Stolen Glance Shower Gel

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Nykaa has a whole range of Love Struck bodycare line which includes- shower gel, body cream and perfumes.

Stolen Glance is the one which has a fresh floral fragrance. Nykaa did it right with this one.

It’s so refreshing. The smell is gorgeous, and if you want to wear fresh, floral or woody perfumes and want your perfumes to last, use this body wash as a base to your skincare routine.

This shower gel has green tea leaf extracts that soothes and calms skin, and aloe leaf extract that hydrates and repairs skin.

I had a lot of acne in my back and arms, and after using this body wash, there is none. Absolutely love it.

I also have a body cream of this fragrance and layering them after I bath smells extremely good!

Read this article if you want to smell good.

3. Nykaa Love Struck – Tender Touch Shower Gel

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Nykaa Tender Touch is a soft and fresh scent with a bit of sweetness in it. It is a fruity, woody scent with a bit of muskyness.

The fragrance is not as strong as Stolen Glance, but is really soothing and calming scent.

If you love mild fragrance in a shower gel, this one is a must, as it has green tea leaf extracts that soothes and calms skin, and aloe leaf extract that hydrates and repairs skin.

4. Dove Shea Butter and Vanilla Pampering Body Wash

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For the vanila lovers out there, if you are finding and trying to get your hands on affordable vanilla body wash, go and buy Dove Shea Butter and Vanilla Body Wash.

This body wash is so calming and soothing. I love the fragrance, obviously who won’t?

There is a creamyness in this body wash as it is enriched with shea butter. It makes your skin soft and makes it look healthy as well.

Not too sweet, just the right amount of fragrance in a body wash to set a base for smelling good.

I use this body wash whenever I have to layer sweet fragrances or vanilla dominant fragrance.

The most amazing part? It is sulphate free, which is really good for your skin.

5. Dahlia by Bath & Body Works

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Dahlia is a really beautiful scent with notes of praline, dahlia petals and a tad bit of cacao.

This shower gel smells somewhat sweet, but fresh and delicate at the same time. This shower gel can be a base for your skincare routine if you’re going to wear a woody, spicy or a sweet fragrance on your skin.

This fragrance lasts long as Bath & Body Works are doing wonders with their brand for making a product smell good and last long as well.

This product is a bit expensive, if you’re trying to get hands on shower gels, you can invest in buying any of the above shower gel or else you can invest in the next product, which is long lasting as well.

6. Plum Body Lovin’ Hawaiin Rumba Shower Gel

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Hawaiin Rumba from Plum Body Lovin’ is a shower gel which smells really good.

This is a beachy fragrance with fruity notes and a twist of vanilla. Fresh yet sweet at the same time.

This shower gel is one of my favourites because it cleanses without drying your skin, and is also aloe infused, which nourishes the skin making it flawless and supple.

A good product but in a budget, go get your hands on this.


All of the products I mentioned above are the best smelling body washes I’ve had till now, I’ll discover more and so can you. You can try out new products and love them like I did. Try my recommendations once and you’ll love it.

Thank you for reading my blog, I am grateful for you guys!

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