May 26, 2024

The Power Of Manifestation- 5 Things You Need To Know

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Meaning of Manifestation

Manifestation is the method of bringing your desires into reality, this is the simplest way I can define it. Manifestation has been one of the topics which is considered a synonym of the famous Placebo Effect.

I see people on instagram, pinterest, and twitter and even google posting about manifestation. People say “To manifest your dream life, you must use the 369 method”, “To manifest your desires, use the triangle method” and so on.

There are many ways of manifestation, you can choose any method for you. I have literally seen people manifest their dream life, the things that they want within just a few months. This depends upon many factors:

  1. Shadow work
  2. The way you think
  3. Your vibration
  4. Your energy
  5. The way you talk

So Is Manifestation Real?

Manifestation is real, and when I say this, believe me. I am saying this because I have literally manifested my desires. But, I’m also mentioning that you need to believe in what you are doing.

Trust the process, and also you need to work on your goals.

Let me explain this with an example: Assume that you want money and you’re manifesting it. Manifesting simply doesn’t mean writing down your desires in a particular method and failing to work towards it.

If you’re manifesting money, work for it. Put in the effort. Until and unless there’s no effort, your manifestation isn’t going to come into fruition.

My Manifestations that Came into Fruition

I’ve manifested many things since I came to know about it. Here are some of the manifestations that came to fruition:

Paid Brand Deals

I create content on instagram and have over 5K followers. I started seeing creators and influencers charge money for creating content, which gave me the idea of doing the same.

I pitched brands, registered myself on various influencer platforms, but I wasn’t getting any paid collabs.

I got many barter collabs from well known brands like Livon, Blue Heaven, Mamaearth and many more, but this was not what I wanted. I wanted paid collabs. It was 2020 when I started creating content on ig as a beginner, but in 2021, I came to know about manifestation.

I tried the visualisation guided meditation by Master Sri Akarshana on youtube to manifest my desires.

You won’t believe me when I say it, but it took me just 4 months to manifest my first paid brand deal, it was a shoot for their silk factory. I got paid Rs. 5K for doing the shoot.

Then I started doing manifestations everyday and visualised what it would be like to live my dream. I started listening to affirmations and meditating.

Again, I got many paid brand deals since 2021, the latest being the brand deal with one of the well known brand named Mamaearth. I got paid Rs. 4K for uploading content on pinterest.

My Specific Person

This was one of my biggest manifestations of all time. I went through a lot in my first relationship and after the breakup, I had a lot of unaddressed trauma which effected my second relationship.

I was having trust issued, and build up a wall between me and the relationship with the person I want just because of the fear of losing my love again. Thats when, just after a week of coming into relationship with the person I instantly felt a connection, we had a breakup.

I had a breakdown, my walls started building higher again, but after somedays, I realised that with this situation, I won’t be happy for long and that I should find peace within myself to attract whatever I want.

I started doing shadow work and visualisation- along with healing, I was also manifesting my specific person. I did that for 8 months straight. And one day, my specific person texted me about my day and started having conversation, and 1 day later, he again texted me to reconcile with him- this is exactly what I wanted. I got back with him after healing and now we both are happy.

Spiritual Life Coach Certificate

In June 2021, I was wondering to get a course and become a certified spiritual life coach as I can guide people spiritually and emotionally to become whoever they want. The course is very expensive- Rs. 50,000.

I was upset and then I realised that I can manifest anything, and I started manifesting- to get a course at minimum Rs. 1000.

On July 17, 2021, I was randomly searching courses and came across spiritual life coaching course, and you won’t believe me- I got it at just Rs. 470. Manifestation works for sure!

Versace Crystal Noir Perfume

Versace Crystal Noir has been my “love at first sniff” perfume. This perfume was in my vision board in 2021.

I got a sample of this perfume first before buying a full bottle, and at the first spray, I fell in love.

This perfume is sexy and mysterious. After sampling, I tried to find out if there was any offer or sale going on, especially on perfumes, because I wanted this perfume anyhow. You can read this article if you love perfumes.

This perfume is expensive (for me, I don’t know about you) its MRP is 6500 for 90 ml. I added it on cart in Nykaa, applying “acting as if” manifestation technique. Everyday I would see my cart, I would realise that I need to work more to earn money and buy this perfume.

One day, I saw this perfume on a website from where I bought the sample of the same perfume. I saw they were selling testers of some perfumes, including Versace Crystal Noir, and it was listed at just Rs. 2500, I realised that my manifestation has worked and quickly added the perfume to cart and ordered the same, of 90 ml.

This is yet another proof that manifestation works, if you truly believe in the process and work towards it.

Healing My Shoulder Cramps

It was 2022, I got a really heavy injury on my shoulder and back while hitting gym, I was in pain, physically and mentally sad, because I really love maintaining my body and staying fit and healthy.

The cramp was so severe I had to run to several doctors for curing the muscle unjury, little did I know that it was going to get worse. I visited a physiotherapist for further treatment. My pain would go and return again within days, nothing was working.

In those days I was so sad and indulged in all these stuffs that I forgot about manifestation. I actually had a cervical spine injury, which would further cause pain in shoulders.

After striking the idea of manifestation after 4 months from injury, I started visualising what it would feel like going to gym again after recovery- I started acting as if tomorrow is the day I’m going to the gym, I started my diet again which I followed before the injury.

And you won’t believe me, my injury was fading slowly, my physiotherapist told me after 2 days that I can go to gym and do my workouts, but not weights though!

I was so happy and then I started going to gym, day by day, my injury fadded and now I have about 2% of healing left to full recovery. I am so grateful that I tried manifestation and believed in it.


Manifestation is a real force which cannot be seen – it is a force which is present everywhere. The only thing you need to do is believe.

Everything can come to fruition if you believe in the process, and believe that it exists.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap is a beauty and lifestyle influencer on instagram. She is an enthusiastic blogger and is passionate about writing in hygiene as well as fragrances. She loves to share what she is passionate about and how to help others with her skills and knowledge on perfumes and hygiene.

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