May 25, 2024

How to Embody Confidence using Dark Feminine Energy

dark feminine


Before starting affirmations, let me tell you who a Dark Feminine is! A dark feminine is a woman who is unapologetically her no matter what.

She is someone who is unbothered by the actions of others. She is seductive, she don’t even have to speak, her ENERGY speaks.

She walks in a room with a magnetic aura and confidence is her best friend. She don’t beg, she gets what she want. If you want to have a magnetic aura, read this article.

She manifests her dreams into reality. She is kind yet she is someone who can leave you unwanted if you disrespect her. She is THAT GIRL.

Every woman has two feminine energies- Dark Feminine and Light Feminine. Light femine highlights traits like caring, mothering, nurturing, emotional, full of love, sweet and naive. Every woman has a dominant feminine energy, it may be dark or light feminine.

1. Dark Feminine Affirmations for boosting confidence

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Here are some of the affirmations to help you boost up your confidence. Ladies, always remember- YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, I repeat YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

  • I am divinely protected
  • I have a completely magnetic seductive vibe that everyone falls for.
  • I am sexy and mysterious
  • Why am I so powerful?
  • I radiate confidence wherever I go
  • I am so hot without even trying!
  • I can get anything and anyone I want
  • People always get lost in my eyes because of how mesmerising my eyes are
  • I am the most powerful woman in the world
  • I am completely unbothered by the behaviours of others
  • I can manipulate any situation to get what I want
  • I am in complete control of my emotions
  • People are in awe of my beauty
  • Everyone is so intrigued by me- I am a complete mystery
  • I am the IT GIRL
  • I am THAT GIRL


Before affirming, stand infront of a mirror, this method is known as Mirror Work.

Stand infront of a mirror, look at yourself and repeat the affirmations everyday until and unless you feel confident. I swear these affirmations will boost your self confidence to a new level.

Best Time to AFFIRM

The best time to do affirmations is in the morning after waking up from bed or at night before going to bed.


After 1-2 days of doing these affirmations, you’ll feel a boost in your confidence. You will be magnetic. Everyone will be attracted to you and your aura, you will become irresistible and peple will wonder “Who is she?”

2. Doing Shadow Work to boost confidence

Everyone has some work to do on themselves, and until and unless you don’t do shadow work, you’ll not be able to love yourself and won’t appreciate yourself.

Dark feminine energy is connected to self-love and compassion, which can help you boost confidence as well as make a statement while you walk. Read this article to know the process of doing ‘shadow work‘.

This is going to give you the ‘main character energy’.

3. Using Seduction as confidence

Dark feminine is seductive. People often picturize dark feminine as a woman wearing black clothes and red lipstick. Yes, it creates an alluring vibe when you dress like that, but energy is something you can feel.

Dark feminine is seductive and that makes people assume that she is the confident women walking around who knows her worth.

Whenever you feel like you’re not worth it, don’t even think about it twice – change the way you think. Think of yourself as a high valued woman and walk around like you own the place. Watch what happens next.

4. Assertiveness

A person who is scared to share their opinion is always perceived as unattractive. A person who can put their point of view and beliefs without being scared and knows her worth is what makes her confident.

Dark feminine women is a lady with assertiveness, who can speak her mind without even caring about what opinion may people make about her.

Use dark feminine energy to practise assertiveness and watch how people will assume you.

5. Fearless

A woman who is fearless often comes off as an attractive trait to people, especially for men. Men love confident women who are fearless and is open to try new things.

If you’re fearless, that automatically means you’re confident in a way and you can work on yourself further to boost confidence.

6. Magnetic

Dark feminine women are always magnetic, no matter how they look, but they are attractive.

Looks matter, but not only looks, energy matters too. If you look beautiful and you don’t have that magnetic energy, no way girl, people are going to perceive you as a women who is not worth the time.

Using dark feminine energy to magnetise yourself and make people drool over you is what you have to do. Read this article to know more.


This article is fully based on self help, and if you want to improve yourself and work on self-confidence, definately apply the steps I mentioned in this article.

This is self-approved because I personally was’t confident before in 2019, and here I am, used these steps in 2021 and 2022 to reinvent myself and boost confidence.

This may take time, but you’ll feel the difference.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap is a beauty and lifestyle influencer on instagram. She is an enthusiastic blogger and is passionate about writing in hygiene as well as fragrances. She loves to share what she is passionate about and how to help others with her skills and knowledge on perfumes and hygiene.

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