May 29, 2024

How to Reinvent Yourself: 9 Powerful Steps

Reinvent yourself


“Reinvent Yourself” is a term that is frequently used in today’s generation- so what does it mean? Reinventing yourself is the process of letting go of the old mindset and upgrading to a higher level.

My Experience

Few years ago, back in 2019, I was not who I am now. My previous self was someone who was angry, constantly people pleasing and didn’t know anything about people’s action and behaviour. I was naive, and I constantly needed attention from people.

I was fully dependent on other people’s perspective of me. I was so excited about life, but later I had to face reality.

It was in 2019, that was my first relationship where I got cheated and lied, and even after knowing the truth and knowing what was done to me, I didn’t have my self respect then to detach from that person and move on. I was constantly clinging to him for about 2 months even after knowing he cheated. Then in 2020, I had to make a decision, I had to trust my worth and leave that person for the sake of my happiness. January 2, 2020, I walked away from him.

It took me 4 months to let go of that person and finally start my healing. My healing journey started from May 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. I started discovering my passion- becoming a creator/influencer on instagram. I got barter and paid collabs from well known brands. I started getting results and went on for increasing followers. Everyone loved my content.

But there were some of the mistakes I made in my healing journey, due to which I was not attracting any relationship. I didn’t heal all the parts of me, because I was not aware.

But after healing completely, I started reinventing myself – I started to change my inner self, started being confident and not giving a damn about other’s opinions of me. If you want to know how, read this article.

Effective Steps To Reinvent Yourself

1. “Would I date myself” Mentality

The first and foremost step to know who you are is simply asking yourself- “Would I date myself If I were another person?” This is one of the biggest question to ask yourself if you want to reinvent yourself. If the answer is yes, then well, you are in the right place, and still if you want to improve more or if your answer is a big NO, follow the next steps.

2. Healing and More Healing

Healing is a never ending process. Everyone goes through some sort of trauma in their life. This trauma in turn hampers your life, subconsciously.

To stop this never ending loop, you need to do healing- do shadow work, write down your qualities- good and bad both, write down what makes you happy and sad, the people you enjoy spending time with. Finding answers to these questions and knowing your traits will make you accept yourself as you are, and finally, make you one step closer to reinvent yourself.

3. Assess Your Current Situation

Are you happy with your current situation? To achieve your goal and to know where you are heading, you need to know where you are now.

Is there something you want to change? To make a good change, you need to commit to yourself, have to be consistent and more importantly should be able to show up in times you don’t want to. If you want to reinvent yourself, this step is necessary.

4. Don’t Overthink, Act

Overthinking a situation and not taking action is not going to work in your favour.

Set realistic goals for the day and act towards achieving daily goals instead of long term goals.

Have small wins so that you can prove yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. Overthinking will only delay your success and will prevent you to reinvent yourself.

5. Become Aware of the Way You Think

The way you think about yourself and others is going to effect your environment. Let’s be real here, you cannot change the world, you can only change yourself.

The way you perceive yourself is the way people are gonna perceive you.

You think you’re ugly, people around you will think you’re ugly.

You walk in with confidence, yeah people will think you’re confident and not to be messed around with. This is the power of how you perceive yourself. If you are having this quality, you’re already a step ahead to reinvent yourself.

6. Build Good Habits

Building good habits is one of the pillars to reinvent yourself. There are a very few people who become aware of the old habits and try forming newer ones.

Building good habits can help you stay organised and consistent in daily life and also motivating you to achieve your goals.

Building good habits may be starting small like – doing the bed, making breakfast, writing diary, taking shower, reading books, etc. When you stick to good habits consistently for 21 days, that will become your new normal.

7. Use Other People’s Success as Motivation

We live in a generation where people post everything on social media – specially their success story. They may post to show off their achievements or are genuinely happy and want to share their achievements.

Now, there are 3 different poeple I’ve noticed – first, the one who is happy for other’s success and congradulate them; second, the one who is not at all interested in what people are doing and don’t care about anything; and third, the most jealousy people, who gets insecure everytime someone posts their success story.

Always remember, everyone’s success comes at different time and at different pace. Instead of being insecure, try to be happy for them, because there may be a big room for you than them to achieve success.

Use their success as motivation- learn from them- how long did it take for them to achieve? what formula did they apply?

8. You Are the Main Character of Your Life

Your entire life will change if you believe that you are the main character of your life.

You are responsible for your life- the wise decisions that you make, the right and wrong path you took, everywhere you are the main character and other people are just mere characters in your life movie.

Learn to take accountability of your life and see how people view you.

9. Do What You Can With What You Have Now

People get stuck and repeat the same cycle again and again. They think about “If I were a” and postpone their duties and responsibilities hoping that when they become their imaginative person, they will start the work.

They think about future so much that they skip their present. They try to escape reality by telling people “If I had money, I would buy gold”. Why not work your ass off to be that person?

Use every resource available around you for your benefit, you have to start from scratch.


No time is too late to start something new. If you want to have a fresh start, go give it a try. Don’t waste your time and energy overthinking about what will happen or what would have happened if….etc etc. If you want it, work for it and stop making excuses. Period.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap is a beauty and lifestyle influencer on instagram. She is an enthusiastic blogger and is passionate about writing in hygiene as well as fragrances. She loves to share what she is passionate about and how to help others with her skills and knowledge on perfumes and hygiene.

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