May 28, 2024
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Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla – 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Bare Vanilla
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Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla is a really great vanilla fragrance out there. It’s one of the popular luxury body mist that was launched in 2018.

Vanilla has been a scent note in every other fragrance in the market, which makes a fragrance perform well.

Vanilla is also a sensual note, especially in women’s fragrances that men love and is drawn to. Men love vanilla fragrances on women.

1. How does Bare Vanilla by Victoria’s Secret smells like?

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Everyone will have different opinion on a fragrance, but for me, as I’ve tried and tested it, bare vanilla smells like a white chocolaty-vanilla with hints of woodyness and musky and soft drydown.

In the opening, you get the blast of vanilla, and gradually it settles down to more of a white chocolaty smell, wrapped in soft cashmere.

Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla is a classic scent, which almost every girl has in their collection. It is unique, and is a vanilla fragrance that smells like chocolate to me, with a musky and soft drydown.

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2. Does Bare Vanilla smell synthetic?

In my opinion, it smells a bit synthetic to me – maybe because of the alcohol in it. Overall, it’s a very great fragrance though! No brand has done a body mist of vanilla like Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla.

3. Is Bare Vanilla Worth It?

Bare Vanilla is totally worth it, considering the fragrance along with the price point and the amount of 230ml, this is totally worth every penny. The performance of the fragrance is great as well. Also, whenever I wear this fragrance, I get a lot of complements.

4. Does Bare Vanilla Smell Sweet?

Bare Vanilla by Victoria’s Secret is a sweet fragrance, but not directly sweet. It’s airy and fluffy vanilla, with a bit of sweetness. The chocolate smell I get here is literally the best.

5. Is Bare Vanilla Long Lasting?

Bare vanilla is a very long lasting fragrance, and performs like a perfume. Not only does it last long on skin, but projects well too. Bare vanilla lasts for about 4-5 hours on skin, and 10+ hours on clothes.

More FAQ’s

1. Is bare vanilla good for summer?

Bare vanilla is a vanilla fragrance, a body mist that is sweet and is mostly preferred to be worn in winters. In summers, this fragrance may be cloying to some. So, bare vanilla is best if worn in winters.

2. Is bare vanilla discontinued?

No, bare vanilla is still available in stores and can be bought through online and offline stores.

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