May 30, 2024

How to Set Your Morning Routine Towards Success in 5 Steps

Morning Routine

Success is a major term and every minute habit compounds to becoming a successful person, especially your morning routine. Success means different to different people: for some, success is the overflowing amount of money they receive; for some, success is the fame they achieve; for some success is the appreciation they get from people who never believed in them; and for some, success is affording the living they want.


Success is an intangible term and varies from person to person. The first step to success is your morning routine. Morning is the very perfect time to enhance your mind and create an environment which is mentally healthy.

Not everyone has a morning routine- I mean to say- Not everyone has a good success oriented morning routine.

Here are a few questions I would like you to ask yourself- “What’s the first thing I do when I wake up?” What’s the answer to your question? Did you say “I scroll through social media and reply to all the texts I received previous night”?

If that’s your answer, you do not belong to the 1%. The 1% I am referring to is the percentage of people who are conscious of their actions, disciplined, consistent and never ever give up- they have their morning and night routines.

To belong to that 1% and really achieving your goals, you need to have a good morning routine. Here are some of the ways you can set up your morning routine to set yourself up for success:

1. No Social Media

Right after you wake up, your subconscious mind is active. Whatever you consume in that period is really going to give you results.

Our mind and brain needs silence and peace in the morning right after we wake up. So if you check your phone and scroll through social media, your brain finds it difficult to process those information, which will make your brain and mind clouded.

You know it well how much information is out there on social media, every piece of content is different. And specially, if you wake up and receieve a text from your best friend that she had an arguement with her parents and you reply to that text, that obviously impacts your mood during the morning.

The way you feel during the morning is going to dominate your feelings throughout the day.

Don’t use phone for the first 45 minutes of waking up.

2. Meditate

The key to having a calm and steady life comes from meditation. A person who meditates doesn’t have anxiety, doesn’t overthink, doesn’t say rough words and is always mindful of their words and actions.

If you meditate atleast for 5 minutes daily in the morning, you are likely to achieve success rapidly due to the ability to understand every situation with a calm and open mind.

Research also suggests that meditation has many health benefits including reduction in blood pressure, improve immune function, reduce chronic pain and promote a healthier cardiovascular system.

It also helps peope with insomnia and sleep disorders as it can calm the mind and relax the body so it can fall asleep easily.

I follow guided meditation from Master Shri Akarshana and Great Meditation, both of them are relaxing.

Meditation also helps a person to open up his creativity and boost problem solving skills, and be open to the ideas and perspectives of others.

Thus, incorporating meditation in your morning routine can change your life for good and towards success.

3. Gratitude

Being grateful for whatever you have will attract everything you desire. Gratitude is a powerful tool towards success. To live a life we want, we have to feel thankful for everything we have right now. If we feel bad about our current situation (which is completely normal sometimes), we won’t be able to attract our desires.

When we chase our desires, it gets delayed. Instead of feeling bad about our current situation and chasing your desires desperately, try to feel grateful for whatever you’ve achieved. Every journey is a lesson, and if you feel bad about the lessons, you won’t attract your desires.

The person who practises gratitude becomes a magnet to their desires, and the desires gets attracted to that person. Try practising gratitude or doing a gratitude meditation in the morning to uplift your mood as well as attract your desires.

4. Affirmations

Increasing your vibration, specially in the morning will allow you to unlock happiness and joy throughout the day. This can be done by listening to or saying affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful words which mostly starts with “I am”. These are words to empower yourself- to make yourself confident and motivate you towards success.

All the successful people and billionaires practise affirmations on a daily basis, after they wake up. Saying affirmations in the morning will help you reprogram your subconscious mind, which further will help you achieve success.

Here are some of the affirmations to boost confidence.

5. Visualisation and Vision Board

Visualisation is the process of picturing your dreams in your mind. Visualisation is a very powerful technique, especially if you’re wanting to attract success.

Visualisation is only valid if you believe in the process- if you believe that you can achieve it. It can be done by closing your eyes and thinking about it or listening to guided meditations.

I got my desires fulfilled when I did visualisation- Being in my future state of achieving my desires and goals and doing everything I wanted to do after I achieved my goals (all these things are a part of the visualisation process, i.e, these actions are all in my thoughts).

Always remember, what you believe, you receive.

I did visualisation, but I was not able to be consistent with it- many people may not be able to get the time to visualise, so what I did was- I put up a wall full of pictures, pasted all my goals and visions on that wall, the things I want to buy and the things I want to attract. This is known as vision board.

Every successful people I came across has a vision board, and they visualise all of their dreams and desires. This is a positive sign if you have big deams. Visualise and it will come.

That’s all, thank you for reading my article.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap is a beauty and lifestyle influencer on instagram. She is an enthusiastic blogger and is passionate about writing in hygiene as well as fragrances. She loves to share what she is passionate about and how to help others with her skills and knowledge on perfumes and hygiene.

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