May 23, 2024

How to Create a Relaxing Environment in Your Home – 15 Easy Steps to Creating a Relaxing Home Environment

relaxing environment in your home


Our home is a sacred place as we spend most of our sacred time here. To create a relaxing environment in your home is necessary as it can have a great impact on our work life and efficiency.

Home is a place where you’re meant to rest and find peace. When your home is a space that is always bottled up with unwashed clothes, empty boxes, undone dishes, then you know how it feels and drains the heck out of you.

People often ignore the most important thing that subconsciously dictates the things they’re doing – their home environment – which is a sacred sanctuary for relaxation and happiness.

To create a relaxing environment in your home, follow these steps and set up your home as I say, and I promise you’ll see results in your behaviour, mind, work life and your relationships.

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1. Declutter

The first and foremost step to create a relaxing environment in your home is to throw out any unnecessary items that are in your house.

These items may be expired products, empty boxes, broken objects, used up products, products that you don’t use anymore and the things that remind you of the bad times in your life.

Throw away all these products. The spiritual meaning behind this is mind blowing – If you hold onto old things/objects that don’t serve you anymore, you’ll become that person that don’t have value in other’s lufe as well.

Your space is a reflection of you, and anything you keep in your space will subconsciously impact you.

2. Organize

After all the declutter you’ve done, dust off everyting and clean your space.

To create a relaxing environment in your home, you need to organize your space the way you like it.

Do it in a way that is attractive and makes your room to look peaceful and visually pleasing.

Make the objects of daily use easy-to-reach, so that it is easy for you to access it whenever you need.

3. Choose Soothing Colors

Colors can have a great impact on our life, especially after we wake up.

Each color has a psychological meaning and is used in brand logos too, to present a psychological message.

Colors, thus must give you a peaceful environment when you decide to paint it.

If you want to make your room look a calm space, go with neutral or soft toned colors. Go with baby pink, pastel pink, pastel blue, light grey, lilac, gentle green or colors with warm earth tones.

4. Comfortable Furniture

Try to invest in comfortable furnitures – which are soft and cozy. Invest in a good sofa which looks minimal and is soft and cozy.

This will not only look good, but will also give you a space where you can rest and spend your evenings peacefully.

If you’re buying a bed or have a bed, make it comfortable enough to sleep peacefully.

You don’t wanna have all things good in your house except your bed feeling like a hard place to sleep on.

If you already have a bed, invest in spongy and good matresses. This will definately help you relax when you’re in bed. Also, you can buy a cozy throw for your bed.

Arrange or rearrance your furniture such that you can have a really good space for socialising.

5. Soft Lighting

To create a relaxing home space, always use soft or warm lights. This will help you reduce your headache and give you relief with a space of zen-like state.

Consider using table lamps, string lights, sunset light (which by the way is trending), ceiling lights, and floor lamps to provide gentle illumination instead of the harsh and rough light directly coming from bulbs and tubelights.

6. Indoor Plants

Cultivate the habit of keeping plants in your space indoors. I have snake plant in my room and it really helps me with any type of stress.

Indoor plants have many benefits – helps release anxiety and stress and gives you restful sleep too.

This also makes your room more nature friendly and make your room aesthetically pleasing.

7. Soft Fabrics

Using soft fabrics such as satin pillow cover or bedsheet and using soft rug will really help in achieving a inviting and calming home environment.

Use curtains that complement with the color of your room and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

8. Decorate

Decorate your room with your favorite pictures or quotes – something that motivates you and makes you happy.

Set up your altar or your study table, your closet or your walls with dream catchers.

If you are someone who loves bodycare and skincare, set up your vanity well so that you look organised. Use decorative lights such as snowflake lights in your vanity or where you spend your evening and enjoy sipping coffee.

9. Aromatherapy

If you want to fully relax your body and unwind your mind, you need to do aromatherapy at home.

It is very simple – either use scented candles or use essential oil diffusers or incense sticks in your room to have a calm and inviting enbvironment where you can relax.

Use the scented candles or essential oils with tea tree, rose, eaucalyptus, vanilla or lavender which will refreshen your mood and uplift it.

10. Reading Corner

This is one of the best step to create a relaxing environment in your home.

Create a creative corner in your room just for reading and studying.

This will make you feel relaxed whenever you are in that space.

You can spend your me-time in that corner.

Don’t forget to decorate that space – put sticky notes, motivational quotes, your schedule, arrance the books and keep everyting in place. You can also put your vision board on the wall of your study space.

This will motivate you to work towards your goal.

11. Keeping Your Room Clean

Cleaning is a really powerful step if you want a relaxing environment in your home. Cleaning your room not only helps you stay organised and clean, but also uplifts your mood as because the way you spend your precious time in an environment, the way it’ll occur in your life.

For example: If you woke up in the morning and you saw everything unorganised, clothes on the chair, dust everywhere, your water bottle is empty, dishes are undone and you have to go to work and are late.

Just imagine, what effect will it have on your mood? You’ll feel overwhelmed and disappointed in you. You will be angry and agressive throughout your entire day.

Just to prevent that from happening, keep your room clean. Make it a habit. Enjoy the process, and watch how great you’ll feel. Read this article if you want to stay motivated.

12. Relaxation Routine

Ahhh! how would this article be complete if I don’t mention this point – creating a great relaxation routine to unplug and unwind.

A relaxation routine may differ from person to person. One may prefer their skincare routine to be relaxing. The other may prefer to meditate and take it as a relaxing routine.

It all depends on you – do whatever you enjoy doing alone and make it as a relaxation routine so that you can fully be present in the moment and enjoy it.

13. Spacious Rooms

Don’t make a room overcrowded by arranging all the furnitures in one room. Try to make your rooms as spacious as possible.

Making your room spacious will allow you to have a relaxed state of mind and enjoy the space in your room.

Keep things minimally arranged, not overcrowded.

14. Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space, plant trees and other plants and arrange the space for a comfortable seating – maybe for a cup of coffee at the evening or maybe for the morning yoga session.

The space may be your terrace or a space that is an extension of your home. Decorate it and feel the vibe. You’ll feel a really great burst of energy.

This is literally one of the best ways to make a relaxing environment in your home.

15. Minimising Electronics

Minimising the use of cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc will help you focus on your daily relaxation schedule.

Coming to home after a rough day at work and being busy scrolling your phone is definately gonna mess up your head.

Try not to keep electronics around you while you’re in your room. Just relax and let yourself be present in the moment. Have gratitude for all the things you have.

The Bottom Line

The things that I mentioned in this article is all that you need. Try these steps if you haven’t already and let me know in the comments about how you feel.

You may use some of the things above or all, fully depends on you and your dedication.

Always remember that your space is a sacred place and it needs to be kept clean so that you can come home with a really inviting environment that will give you peace of mind.

Thank you for reading this article.

Sneha Kashyap

Sneha Kashyap

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